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May 23, 2015 - Weekend Racing Recap

May 16, 2015- Weekend Racing Recap

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Nine Lasers Compete May 23, 2015 in 17 – 24 mph Winds. Ideal18s Decline.

Three Ideal18s rigged for SHYC’s races on Saturday, May 23, but returned to their moorings without participating in the five contests that PRO Jon Miller offered in WSW winds ranging from 17 – 24 mph. However, nine Lasers handled the demanding conditions with aplomb.

Tim Desmond was clear winner taking four firsts and a third for 39 high points. Kevin Gilman followed with 30 and Jim Buffum placed third with 28. On “Galatea II,” Chris Errichetti assisted PRO Miller, and Dan Mallett with George Bernhard ran mark boat “Acis.”

 A Light Day for a Dozen Lasers on Commissioning Day, May 16, 2015

Racing began at 1130, two hours earlier than normal, on Saturday to accommodate SHYC’s commissioning ceremonies in the afternoon. At 1152, the new weather station on the outer breakwater recorded 0 wind velocity. Still the S/SSE zephyrs recovered somewhat and allowed PRO Jack Gorby and crew to run six races for the twelve Lasers in attendance.

Tim Hotchkiss took first followed  by Tim Desmond in second place and Alexis Michas in third. Aboard “Galatea II,” Anne Brengle scored and Jon Miller assisted PRO. George Brengle and Rick Bradshaw managed “Acis.”

Two Ideal 18s and Fourteen Lasers Race Saturday, May 9, 2015

Two boats from SHYC’s just rigged Ideal fleet showed up at the line where PRO Spike Lobdell’s RC set up in the outer harbor to manage racing for fourteen Lasers. Tucker Bragdon with Penelope and Robert Park crewing bested the Bob Scala-Abbie Park-Ed Dear boat in five of the six races for that class.

Lasers joined seven l/w races. Tim Hotchkiss dominated the afternoon with 80 high points followed by Jason Michas with 73. Kevin Gilman and Alexis Michas both scored 61 points with Gilman ahead on tie breaking.

George Brengle and Sam Spilo manned mark boat “Acis.” Aiding Lobell on “Galatea II” were Mona Spilo and Steve McAleer.

Tucker Bragdon with Penelope and Robert Park head to mooring after taking five of six races for Ideals Saturday, May 9 2015

Fourteen Lasers Compete May 2, 2015. Ideal18s Expected to Join Following Week

Sun and light SE winds greeted the best Laser turnout of the season. Taylor Martin took first with 71 high points closely followed by Alexis Michas with 69. Despite missing the first of seven leeward/windward races, Dave Mason, an occasional competitor, placed third with 64 points.

Spike Lobdell managed the races from “Galatea II” with Steve McAleer. Tam Gorski and Rick Bradshaw used Spike’s whaler, “Scout,” as mark boat, because “Acis” suffered a breakdown after a morning of ferrying newly rigged Ideal 18’s to their moorings. The newly prepped Ideals are expected to join SHYC’s spring series on May 9.

Unexpected Wind Velocity April 25. Six Lasers Compete.

It was predicted to be an easy afternoon, but the new weather station on Stonington’s outer breakwater, www.sailflow.com, registered a 29 mph SW gust at 1258 on Saturday, April 25, 2015 as PRO Jack Gorby was setting marks. Steady SW winds hovered around 20 mph for the six afternoon races.

Jason Michas earned the top score with 31 high points, followed by Rob Scala with 28 and Tim Desmond with 25.

Nursing a sore wrist, Laser racer Todd Williams joined the RC aboard “Acis,” also manned by Alex Bowdler. Kevin Bowdler, Rick Bradshaw and Ed Dear provided support to the PRO aboard “Galatea II.”

Below Jim Fayal (left) and Anne Haag vie to cross the finish line.

Nine Lasers Greet Pleasant Conditions April 18, 2015. Gareth Orkney Takes Day.

Finally!  A reasonable day with SW winds at 10 -15 with temps reaching 65F. Nine boats completed six windward/leeward courses without capsize. Gareth Orkney prevailed with a high score of 46 followed by Jim Buffum with 38 points. Tim Desmond and Taylor Martin each made a score of 37.

Supporting PRO Jack Gorby on “Galatea II” were Tucker Bragdon, Rick Bradshaw and Jeanmarie O’Neill, who scored. George Brengle with Todd Williams, a Laser competitor sidelined by a twisted wrist, piloted “Acis.”

April 11, 2015: Breezy but Seven Lasers Compete. Jason Michas Prevails.

Healthy NW winds hovered between 15 to 20 mph with occasional higher gusts, but the skilled Laser skippers all managed well for seven bouts Saturday afternoon. Jason Michas led with 44 high points followed by Tim Desmond with 37 and Taylor Martin with 36.

Ideal 18s were still in their prep cycle and awaiting moorings.

PRO Chris Errichetti headed the RC on “Galatea II” supported by Tucker Bragdon, Staci Choti and Jack Gorby, who scored. Betsy Bowman and Dan Mallett skippered mark boat “Acis.” SHYC provided excellent mushroom soup for well attended “afters” at the Clubhouse.

April 4, 2015: There You Go Again! Another Blowout!

The fall 2014 racing series ended on November 22 with unsailable wind. Same for the first day of the spring 2015 events. NW Wind at least 20 mph with gusts to 30 and beyond.

November 22, 2014: Bright Day, but Wind Again. No Races. Good Party.

Saturday was to be the last day of SHYC’s regular fall series, but a steady WSW 18+ mph blast with substantially higher gusts doomed the effort. Still, around 4:00 PM racers, RC and fans materialized at the clubhouse bar for well attended “afters.”

A Genuine “Frostbite” Day Saturday November 15, 2014

It was a chilly day with temps climbing to 40F with bright sunlight and a sometimes variable but mostly NW wind at about 10 mph with occasional gusts. Seven Lasers and three Ideal18s sallied to PRO Chris Errichetti’s line for six races.

Gareth Orkney with 33 high points prevailed among Lasers edging second place Jason Michas by one point. Tim Desmond placed third with 26 high points. For the season to date In Lasers, Hugh O’Brien leads with an accumulated 219 points, and Jim Buffum is second with 218. Both have sailed in seven of the eight races that took place.

Chris Sinnett and Ted Liston in #4 won the Ideal 18 class. Eric Irwin and crew in their preferred #5, equal in points to Sinnett/Liston, took a tie-broken second place. The Gimple family sailed the third place boat, #232.

Betsy Bowman and Josh Keegan aided PRO Errichetti on board “Galatea II.” George Bernhard and Brian Barnard manned “Acis.” Next Saturday, November 22 is the last event in the regular fall series. All RC, racers, fans, family and friends are invited to participate in “afters” at approximately 4:00 PM at the Clubhouse. SHYC will provide soup and sandwiches, and if they wish, partakers may bring a favored snack to share.

We’ll gather even if weather bombs out the races.

A busy 11/08/2014: Three fleets, nineteen races, the first SHYC Ideal18 broach

Without an “Ollie Box” to sound race signals, a shortage of air horns and no operating loudspeaker, PRO Tam Gorski somehow successfully managed nineteen races for three different fleets in brisk conditions Saturday afternoon November 8.

Nine Lasers completed seven “Dammit” courses with Jason Michas, Hugh O’Brien and Jim Buffum winners in that order. Dave Nickerson skippered to first among the three Vipers competing .in two “Dammit” and four L/W contests. Art Shaw’s boat was second. In third place was the Andy Stoddard/ Mat Jadamec vessel from which Mat briefly visited the water.

Three SHYC Ideal18s and the Bragdon #232 raced six “Dammit” events. The trio of Sinnetts and Chris Errichetti in #232 sailed to first just ahead of SHYC #4 piloted by Matt & Tori Gimple. Recovering from a pre-race broach in SHYC #5, Eric Irwin with Brenda Mitchell and Brooke Mastrorio made third. Ted and Cindy Liston were fourth in SHYC #2.

Helping Tam aboard “Galatea II” were Anne Brengle and Dan Mallett. Alex and Kevin Bowdler ran “Acis.” Hearty soup welcomed racers and friends for “afters” at the Clubhouse, where several unclaimed awards from earlier series finally met their winners.

More Wind & Rain November 1, 2014 Provide an Alternate Opportunity

PRO Chris Sinnett called Saturday races around noon with emails to the Ideal 18 and Laser fleets because of gusts and eventually a steady wind exceeding 20 mph. Michael Wiseman responded by inviting dinghy sailors for a jaunt aboard his 54’ Alden, “Legacy V,” which faced the robust conditions with a complement of seventeen.

Vigorous Conditions Greet Competitors on October 25, 2014

Windy again: around 13 mph WSW with gusts sometimes a bit over 20 mph. Jack Gorby’s RC gave the two Ideal 18s that appeared Saturday afternoon one practice and two scored races after which #232 (Bragdon) retired due to jib problems. The result: Chris Sinnett/Bob Scala/Kevin Bowdler first, and the Bragdon/Errichetti boat second.

The Laser fleet floated ten boats for six windward/leeward contests. Jason Michas clung to victory with 49 high points despite an “over” recall in the last race. Following closely, each with 48 high points, were Rob Scala, Hugh O’Brien and Paul Van Dyke.

George Brengle and Ed Dear assisted PRO Gorby aboard “Galatea II.” Alex Bowdler piloted mark boat “Acis” with Brian Barnard. The SHYC kitchen provided a hearty chicken chowder at the lounge for ”afters.” Four more Saturday races are scheduled through November 22.

Vipers Visit Again October 19, 2014. Wind Precludes Ideals, but Six Lasers Sail.

PRO Spike Lobdell dismissed Ideal 18s from racing Sunday because NW winds steadily exceeded 20 mph leaving six Lasers and four Vipers to compete. Rob Scala with 33 high points prevailed in Lasers winning four of the six races and making second in two. He was followed by a greatly improved Ben Yanni, who earned 24 and SHYC’s Hugh O’Brien with 23 high points.

The Viper fleet in its second appearance at SHYC’s weekend event sailed five races. Dave Nickerson and crew took first in four contests plus one third. Kay Valkenburg made second in each race and for the day. Art Shaw was third, and the Jadamec/Stoddard team, having snagged a mark, was fourth.

The premier RC this gusty afternoon included Alex Bowdler at the “Acis” controls aided by Mari Ann Blatch and Chris Errichetti. Aboard “Galatea II” with Spike and Chris Sinnett was Elizabeth Falk, who scored. Since SHYC was closed, the “afters” party repaired to Swooners’ for results, happy hour drinks and oysters. Fall races normally occur on Saturdays, but were switched to Sunday this weekend to accommodate Mystic Seaport’s Dyer Derby.

Saturday October 11, 2014: No races, but RC meets to reorganize

Meteorological conditions in Stonington Harbor did favor sailing by early afternoon though morning rain had convinced Lasers and Ideals to skip the day even as “Galatea” was waiting to accommodate them. Still Saturday was a plus as Jack “Cincinnatus” Guyol lead a well-attended 8:30 AM  meeting of SHYC’s RC intent on revitalizing structure and planning for the 2015 season.

Four Vipers Join Usual Competitors for SHYC’s Saturday Races on 10/04/2014

Blustery conditions with impending rain persuaded Ideals to remain moored as well as the J24s hoping to run their annual “Ironman.” But four Vipers, invited by PRO Spike Lobdell, and seven Lasers braved gusts over 20 knots to plane across the top of Stonington Harbor.

At different times, Vipers snagged and dragged the windward tetrahedron, the starting pin and, in the last race, the leeward mark. Still, the four sleek boats each crewed by three added a definite element of interest to afternoon. Skipper Andy Stoddard in #15 earned two firsts and a second for a winning low point score of 4 in the three race session. He was followed by Art Shaw in #128 second, Kay Van Valkenburgh in #98 third and Moise Solomon in #208 fourth.

Lasers managed to finish four races before PRO Lobdell called the event because of the threat of a boomer. In the last event, when a Viper snagged and carried off the leeward mark, the single-handed fleet chose a nearby buoy to round. Even if this last race were not scored, the afternoon’s ranking would have remained the same: Jason Michas first, with Tim Desmond second and Rob Scala third.

Aiding PRO Lobdell on “Galatea II” were John and Vivian Spencer and Ed Dear. “Acis” carried Paul O’Neill, Brian Barnard and Jonathan Towne.

A Warm, Placid Afternoon for Fall Races September 27, 2014

When the gentle wind shifted from S to SW, the helpful Laser fleet adjusted the pin and both windward and leeward marks for Jack Gorby’s short- handed but game RC aboard “Galatea II”. Eight Lasers completed five windward-leeward courses with Rob Scala first for the day by scoring 30 high points, just one ahead of second place Hugh O’Brien. Gareth Orkney, who had not appeared for several seasons, rejoined the fleet with 26 points for a third.

In Ideals, Michael and Dan Wu Linhares handled boat #2 perfectly with precision hoists of their chute to win four of the five races with the only con one brush of the mark rounding windward. In #4 Dan Mallett and Marie Claire Ged seemed to improve with each circuit winning the fourth race to achieve second place for the day. Bob Scala and Ed Dear in Tucker’s #232 vied closely with Amy Van der Velde (in her personal boat) and Jeanmarie O’Neill to make third for the day.

Assisting PRO Jack Gorby were Cynthia Lichtenstein, scorer, and Elizabeth Falk, anchor  manager as well as line spotter. ”Acis” was not deployed.

SHYC’s Prime Regatta: Thirty Boats Sail in Seventeen Races on 9/20/2014

The thirteenth edition of the Red Lobdell Regatta combined with regular Saturday racing on September 20th. Larger boats started at 10:30 AM in a 15 knot south breeze on a clockwise course around Fisher’s Island. In “canvass class” Peter Ross took Tynaje to a first in 2:47:55 hours (corrected) followed by Rob Burt’s Calisto, second, and Matt Coudert’s Mischief third. Ben Blake’s Atlantic actually crossed the finish line first in 2:42:17 uncorrected which morphed to 3:04:44 under the PHRF handicap for fourth place. The canvass class comprised six boats.

Kevin Farrar in a GP 26 won the spinnaker class in 2:47:14 (corrected) around Fisher’s followed by Prescott Littlefield’s J/29 in 2:52:01(corrected) and Lee Reichart’s Evelyn 25 just 33 seconds later. The spinnaker class also attracted six boats.

One design boats raced in the afternoon over five events. Two Vipers appeared with Dave Nickerson prevailing over Art Shaw. Chris Sinnett and Mike Wiseman led SHYC’s Ideal 18 fleet winning all five races. Matt and Tori Gimple followed, and Eric Irwin and Brenda Mitchell earned third.

Jim Buffum won the ten Laser complement with a high point score of 39, just one point ahead of second place Rob Scala. Hugh O’Brien and Tim Desmond tied with 27 high points, the breaker routine giving Desmond third.

Spike Lobdell headed the RC with the support of Tam Gorski, Dan Mallett, Betsy Bowman, Chris Errichetti and Brian Barnard.

Strong Start to SHYC’s Fall Series on September 13, 2014

Six Ideal 18s and eight Lasers came to the starting line on Saturday afternoon in SE winds around 15 mph for the first event of SHYC’s fall series. PRO Spike Lobdell’s RC ran seven races with varied courses for Lasers and six for the Ideals.

In Lasers, Jason Michas took the day with a high point score of 49 followed by Jim Myers (with experimental sail) at 43. Tim Desmond was third with 42 high points. Ideals are scored by low points. Scoring just 7, “Team Sinnett” placed first followed by Matt & Tori Gimple with 19. Mike and Dan Wu Linhares earned third with 20 low points.

Aiding PRO Lobdell on the RC were Jack Gorby, Sam Spilo, George Bernhard and Barnaby Blatch.

Weather breaks for 4th Annual “B.I.G. Jack” race to Block Island on 9/6/14

There was still fog as competitors headed out of Stonington Harbor for the start line about a mile east of Watch Hill Passage for the fourth annual “Big Jack” pursuit race in honor of Jack Guyol, SHYC’s first and best RC chair. By the 10:30 AM start sequence, however, all was clear with a moderate SW breeze eager to propel the fleet to the finish at the entrance to Great Salt Pond.

In a pursuit race, competitors are assigned staggered start times calculated on a handicap basis so that they all would theoretically finish at the same time. The system worked well with only about a six minute spread between before the first and fifth finishers. All six finished the 12.5 nautical mile course in less than two hours.

At the shore side party held at Deadeye Dicks’ Jack Guyol presented a handsome ships’ clock to first place winner Paul O’Neill, who skippered his J/24 “Cabochon.”  Also receiving clocks were second place Charley Dear, who skippered the J/24 “Blue Max” and third place Dr. Anne Kolker, who brought in “Etoile,” her Stellar 52 half a minute later.

Mike Wiseman’s “Legacy V,” an Alden 54 experienced the shortest raw transit time of 1:22:02 hours followed by the 52’ “Etoile” which made the crossing in 1:24:39 hours. The winner under the handicap system, “Cabochon” took 1:51:16 hours to complete the race.

August 29 & 31: J/24 fleet cooperates to enable final summer season series race.

Only two J/24s appeared for Friday evening’s PHRF managed by a partial RC aboard Galatea II in light SSE wind conditions. The RC’s course board instructions precisely followed by “Cabochon” and verbal explanations radioed to “Blue Max” were in conflict so that the two boats followed divergent paths to the finish.

Sunday’s scheduled “long race” was initially hampered by lack of RC and then by a dearth of crews to make a three boat quorum. The fleet agreed to self-start so that last minute substitute PRO, Chris Sinnett, could join “Fast Forward” and make a viable complement. Then a last minute drop out reduced “Blue Max” to just two crew. “Cabochon” offered one of its four members allowing “Blue Max” to participate.

Solvej Freitas, along with Chris Sinnett and Spike Lobdell drove “Fast Forward” to first. “Cabochon” skippered by Paul O’Neill made second, and “Blue Max” under Kathy Sinnett’s command ended third after being in second place for the first two thirds of the race.

Weekend of August 22 & 24: Few boats participate

For Friday evening’s PHRF race, PRO Barnaby Blatch gave the J/70 and the two J/24s a quadrilateral course from start to the red/green off Stonington Point to red 15 just east of Latimer’s to red 16 and back to start. The J/70 “Thunder Chicken” finished first in 0:59:42 minutes, but was bested in corrected time by the J/24 “Cabochon” whose PHRF adjustment yielded a transit of 0:54:05. J/24 “Blue Max” was second with 0:54:36 corrected. The J/70’s corrected time was 0:55:40.

No Sunday J/24 race on August 24. Only “Cabochon” expressed interest in participating, and the event was cancelled.  

August 15 & 18, 2014: Fine Conditions but Few Competitors

On another fine Friday evening Chris Errichetti, in his debut as a PRO, stationed the RC by the entrance to Stonington Harbor to await the PHRF fleet. However, only “Cabochon” and “Blue Moon” appeared to race.

On Sunday at 11:15 AM, PRO Sandy Bragdon assembled her five person RC squad to prepare for the usual Sunday races. By the 12:30 PM start time near White Rock only “Cabochon” was present from the J/24 fleet and no Shields had appeared, so the RC cancelled, returning “Galatea II” to the dock. About 12:45 PM, the J/24 “JCrew,” arrived from Fisher’s Island to the start area hoping to compete, but found only “Acis” retrieving marks

 PHRF resumes Friday August 8, 2014 but the Sunday J/24 series skips August 10.

After a hiatus of four weeks, a good breeze for Friday evening’s PHRF gave the three boats that came to the line a race. NESS’s J/105,”Pflash”, finished first in 48:35 minutes raw time, but on PHRF correction yielded to the two J/24s, “Cabochon,” with a corrected 44:05 minutes and “Fast Forward” with a corrected 44:45 around the course.

Chris Sinnett and Tim Dunne managed the race for the RC.

Lack of competitors and the event filled 200 year celebration of the defeat of the British naval attack on Stonington eclipsed the usual Sunday J/24 race.

 Winds still not cooperating fully the weekend of August 1 – 3, 2014

Maybe we should sacrifice a goat or something to Aeolus, the god of wind, because for the third time Friday evening’s PHRF was called for lack of motive power. Sunday proved better with a light breeze giving seven boats, three SHYC J/24s and four Shields from MIYC, four decent races.

In the “Js” Solvej Freitas’s “Fast Forward” took three firsts and one second for 5 points. Paul O’Neill’s “Cabochon” achieved three seconds and a first for 7 points, and “Crush” with a guest crew took third place. Among Shields Chris Wick in “Rebel” took first place followed by “Rip,” “Chaste,” and “Sophie”  in that order.

As usual Sandy Bragdon commanded the Sunday RC aided by Chris Andrews, Bob Scala and Ed Dear on “Galatea.” Alex and Kevin Bowdler ran “Acis” with the help of Ralph DeBiasi.

July 25/27 races disrupted by RC problems and downpours. Corinthians take off.

The Corinthian fleet, including Ben Blake’s “Atlantic” and Mike Wiseman’s “Legacy V”  got a good start promptly at 1100 hours Friday morning on their way to Maine. A mile east of Watch Hill passage Jim Wightman’s “Luna” carried the main RC cohort and “Galatea” served as the pin.

 But the usual scheduled weekend races bombed. After two prior windless evenings, the Friday July 25 PHRF looked to enjoy a perfect evening with a decent breeze and a clear sky. At least four boats awaited the starting gun, but, despite heroic efforts by two of its members, there was insufficient RC staffing to run the event. Nature intervened on Sunday by dumping torrents at race time for the J/24 fleet. There’s always a next time.

Light airs again the weekend of July 18 - 20

Lack of wind again foiled the PHRF event Friday evening, July 18. On Sunday four J/24s came out in light but sailable conditions for the usual four races offered by the RC.

“Crush” and its young crimson togged crew took first though tied in points with “Fast Forward.” “Cabochon” took third and “Blue Max,” with a last minute crew, was fourth.

Dead calm Friday Evening July 11; Excellent Regatta Sunday July 13, 2014

The wind went AWOL Friday evening leaving unemployed racers with plenty of time to enjoy the BBQ on the bricks. On Sunday July 13 the J/24 fleet forsook its usual round the buoys routine to join, as a class, Watch Hill YC’s Horton Invitation One-Design Races. Also performing in separate classes were nine Watch Hill 15s and three Shields from MIYC.

Watch Hill’s RC, expanded to include SHYCs usual Sunday crew, gave the J/24s two races, one lasting about an hour and a second of about thirty minutes. CRUSH took a first then a second to win the class. CABOCHON placed second overall and BLUE MAX third.

Washout July 4. J/24s generate protests July 6

Friday evening’s PHRF races and shore side BBQ succumbed to unfriendly rain and wind. On Sunday close competition among the three J/24s on the course generated protests in three of the four races (later dropped at the clubhouse.)  “Fast Forward” took the day followed by “Crush” and then “Cabochon” on a bright afternoon with a steady SW wind strong enough to convince the boats to fly their small jibs.

PRO Sandy Bragdon’s RC team included, as usual, Chris Andrews and Bob Scala. Ed Dear drove “Acis.”

Eight boats race Friday evening June 27; J/24s tie on Sunday June 29

The racing fleet grew to eight last Friday evening when Dennis Neumann’s multihull Farrier “Milagro” finished the course first in 1 hour 2 minutes in actual uncorrected time.

“Blue Moon” took first among the PHRF boats, followed by NESSF’s “Pflash” in second and Matt Coudert’s “Mischief” in third place. A waning breeze caught the J/24s, the last of which finished in 1 hour 55 minutes actual time. PRO was Barnaby Blatch.

On Sunday there were two ties (low score) among the four boat fleet. “Cabochon” and “Fast Forward” each gained 7 points while “Crush” and “Blue Max” each scored 13 points. Peter Guille and Jesse Diggs assisted the regular RC with marks from “Warhorse” as no crew was available for SHYC’s “Acis.”

PHRF Photo finish Friday June 20. Father and son compete Sunday June 22

Rodney’s J/88, “Jazz,” finished Friday evening’s race first in both actual and corrected time which was 1:03:59. Following were two J/105s that Jack Gorby’s RC timed as finishing within a second of each other. “Pieces of Eight” prevailed over “Pflash.” “Cabochon” and “Blue Max” represented the J/24 fleet the latter finishing last in the race in 1:08:19 corrected. The J/70, “Thunder Chicken” finished in 1:03:03 corrected, but invoked a DSQ by flying a spinnaker on the last leg in contravention of the sailing instructions.

Sunday’s J/24 contest found Paul Kelleher on board “Blue Max” (3rd) competing against his son, Alex Kelleher, helping aboard the youth boat “Crush” (2nd) skippered by Walter Johnsen, Jr. The day’s winner was Paul O’Neill’s “Cabochon” with Solvej Freitas’s “Fast Forward” in 4th place. The usual core RC of Sandy Bragdon/Bob Scala/Chris Andrews was fortified by Marylou Fusi and Chris Sinnett and George Brengle aboard “Acis.”

Weekend results June 13 & 15

Fog smothered the PHRF race Friday June 13, but the evening BBQ on the bricks still attracted some disappointed crews and friends. On Sunday three J/24s inaugurated their season. In shifting winds, mostly NW, “Cabochon” took two firsts and two seconds beating “Fast Forward” by one low point. “Blue Max” placed third.  

J-Boats Launch Friday Evening Races June 6, 2014. First BBQ on Bricks.

Four craft from the Johnstone drawing board inaugurated SHYC’s Friday evening PHRF races. With a NW breeze, Tam Gorski’s RC drew an irregular triangle course with an initial downwind leg encompassing the start line by the west breakwater, Gong 3, White Rock, the red & green mark off Stonington point and a finish by can 7 in the harbor.

“PFlash,” the NESSF J/105 completed its journey in 44:02 mins. corrected. “Jazz,” Rodney’s J/88, finished in 46:39; Ben Knowles’s J/70 “Thunder Chicken” took 47:59.

Brian Jaeger piloted the J/24 “Blue Max” around the course in 52:43 corrected.

Post-race on the bricks outside the Club a bustling BBQ on the new Weber grill greeted the crews with dogs, burgers, keg beer, salads and various other vittles brought by some of the thirty-five in attendance.

Strong Winds Greet SHYC’s Last Spring Series Races Saturday June 7, 2014

PRO Tucker Bragdon gave the eleven boat Laser fleet six races on a “Harry Anderson” course.in strong but steady SW winds. The action took place in the outer harbor . Tim Desmond took the day with 55 high points followed by Kevin Gilman with 54 and Rob Scala with 52.

For the season where qualification for SHYC recognition on award night required participating in 70% of race days, Tim Desmond, who sailed on nine of the ten days, took first place. Hugh O’Brien, sailing eight Saturdays, earned second place, and Anne Haag, who came out for all races, took third in the series.

While three Ideal18s initially ventured to the line, two boats each missed one of the two races for that class while taking time to reef. Boat #3 with Chris and Kathy Sinnett, assisted by Penelope Park, led on the long course twice with full, unreefed main.

Spike Lobdell to the Rescue Saturday May 31, 2014

A prime RC gave twelve Lasers seven races on the bright, gusty afternoon. Tim Desmond took five firsts, one second and a sixth to earn 70 high points. Hugh O’Brien followed with 62 points, and Tim Hotchkiss took third with a high point score of 46.

Three Ideal18s competed. The Sinnetts and Jonathan Towne swept the six races. Team Eric Irwin and Brenda Marshall took second in all races followed in third place by Ted Liston and Chris Errichetti.

Aboard “Acis” RC member Spike Lobdell retrieved an exhausted sailor who failed to right his capsized Laser and drove the shivering competitor to the Lobdell waterfront home for a warm-up. Spike then donned his dry suit and returned to the Laser floating in the outer harbor. He jumped into the 50 degree water to right the boat and sailed to the Wad Club where the craft is kept.

Pickup SHYC Race Committee Supervises Four Races on May 24, 2014

Nine Lasers and only two Ideals from SHYC’s fleet ventured to the line on Saturday afternoon. A short-handed RC scrambled to crew Acis and Galatea II and ran four races for the afternoon. Among Lasers Jason Michas, Jim Myers and Kevin Gilman, in that order, took the top spots. Tucker Bragdon and Tim Dunne prevailed in all Ideal 18 races.

Assigned RC members Mari Ann Blatch and Ralph DeBiasi were joined by Bob Scala and Chris Sinnett, whose Ideal had lost a halyard, to crew the two Committee boats.

Seventh SHYC Spring “Frostbite” Event Taxes Laser Fleet on May 17, 2014

In SW winds close to whitecap strength Saturday afternoon’s RC, under command of PRO Tam Gorski, subjected the Laser fleet to eleven fast races in a two hour period. Normally racers expect between five to seven contests. Gorski set a “Dammit” course (similar to a Harry Anderson) which combines triangle and windward-leeward tracks.

 Tim Desmond accumulated 79 high points for a first amongst the eleven boat Laser contingent. Just two points behind, despite missing the first race, Tim Hotchkiss garnered 77. Rob Scala, who still leads the spring series overall, made third with 67 points, also having missed the first go round.

Three Ideal 18 teams appeared in mid-session in time for six starts. Chris Sinnett and Chris Errichetti drove boat #4 to first place followed by the Bragdon/Wiseman team in #6. Bob Scala and Sharon Bell piloting #5 came in third.

George Bernhard and John Spencer assisted PRO Gorski aboard “Galatea II.”  Ed Dear and Brian Barnard managed marks from “Acis.” SHYC’s spring series is scheduled for three more Saturday afternoons with a 1:30 PM start.

Sixth SHYC spring series race draws fifteen boats on May 10, 2014

Four Ideal 18s joined the eleven boat Laser fleet for Saturday’s “frostbite” event in Stonington Harbor. Bob Scala’s RC gave the Lasers six windward-leeward races in SW winds ranging from up to 15 mph early to almost calm at the last round. The newly rigged Ideals arrived in time to compete in three contests.

Tim Hotchkiss led the Lasers followed by Kevin Gillman second and Jim Buffum third for the afternoon. In Ideals Tim Dunne, Ted Liston and Abbie Park drove boat #5 to first place. Boat #6 crewed by Eric Irwin, Paul O’Neill and Brenda Marshall missed the second race due to a broken shroud but still managed a second for the day. Tucker Bragdon and Mike Wiseman placed third and Rick Dieterich & Andy Baker were fourth.

Aiding PRO Bob Scala on “Galatea II” were Helen Garten and Elizabeth Falk, who scored. Kevin Bowdler and Ed Dear piloted “Acis.” Next week’s races start at 11:30 AM due to commissioning procedures in the afternoon.

Ten Lasers Show for SHYC’s Fifth Frostbite Session of Season on May 3, 2014

Tucker Bragdon’s RC sent ten Lasers on three windward-leeward and two five- legged “Harry Anderson” courses on Saturday afternoon’s races. Mild southerly winds prevailed. Jim Meyers deployed his experimental sail to win two races in lighter air, scoring a sixth in the third contest he sailed.

Hugh O’Brien and Alexis Michas generated the best scores: 38 points each. One point behind for the day, Rob Scala still leads the series, now halfway through the ten scheduled events.   

SHYC’s Ideal 18s, freshly prepped and sporting new jibs, are expected to join races next Saturday, May 10. Helping Bragdon aboard “Galatea II” RC were Ralph DeBiasi and Bob Scala. Chris Errichetti and Ed Dear operated “Acis.”

Park Family Facilitates Frostbite Races April 26, 2014.

The Park team boarded “Galatea II” to help PRO Tucker Bragdon and Chris Sinnett manage SHYC’s frostbite races Saturday afternoon when mixed signals discharged scheduled RC support. Four races for the Laser fleet were completed in clocking winds and occasional sprinkles.

Hugh O’Brien won for the day with two firsts and two seconds with 18 high points followed by Tim Desmond, who accumulated 15. With 10 points Ann Haag took third beating Jim Fayal’s score of 9 and Ben Yanni’s result of 8.

Rob Scala Wins SHYC’s Easter Weekend Frostbite Races

Shifty winds and occasional gusts challenged the five Laser fleet in the seven short races run the afternoon of April 19 by Tucker Bragdon’s race committee. Rob Scala achieved four firsts, two seconds and a third accumulating 31 high points. Tim Desmond and Hugh O’Brien followed each with 23. Anne Haig, aided to first place by a shift in the second race, gathered 14 points for the day as did Jim Fayal.

Helping Bragdon aboard “Galatea !!” were Sam Spilo, Ian Jaeger and Logan Jaeger, who scored. Chris Sinnett and George Brengle handled marks from “Helen Ann,” Mike Wiseman’s Whaler borrowed for the event while “Acis” receives her new gearbox.

Spring Conditions Draw Eight Lasers on Saturday April 12, 2014

Seven races marked the season’s second frostbite event Saturday afternoon, graced by close to sixty degree temps and a 10 mph WSW breeze with occasional gusts. Rob Scala took five firsts and two seconds to claim the day with 54 high points. He was followed by Tim Desmond and Jim Myers each with 42 high points.

Aboard “Galatea II” Tucker Bragdon served as PRO supported by Bob Scala and Kevin Bowdler with Chris Errichetti and Brian Barnard on “Acis.”

Three Lasers Inaugurate SHYC’s Spring Frostbite Series Saturday April 5

“Galatea II,” bearing spiffy new RC decals, and mark boat “Acis” hit the water just in time to host the first frostbite contest on April 5, 2014. Three Lasers appeared at the line on an afternoon with winds predicted to hit 20 mph.

But as Anne Haag texted; “Ended up being a drifter! Turns out a huge front moved in. The cloud cover caused ground to cool and wind just stopped! All the sissy boys who stayed home bc of high wind and cold water missed a fun day. See you next weekend!”

Tim Desmond took first with three wins followed in second place by Anne Haag. Ben Yani was third.

SHYC’s Ideal 18s remain ashore awaiting final polishing and tuning.

Winds Slow to Permit Racing 11/23, Last Day of Season. Party Follows at SHYC

After a blustery morning Saturday morning, the winds abated enough by 1:30 pm to allow four Ideal 18s and six Lasers to enjoy the last contest of the season managed by PRO Jack Gorby’s race committee. Clare Sheridan and Ed Dear assisted aboard Galatea while George Brengle and Betsy Bowman ran Acis.

Chris and Kathy Sinnett with Nick Moukawsher took all five Ideal races. Ted Liston and Cindy Oksanen beat out Eric Irwin and crew by just two points for second place. Bob Scala/Allegra Griffiths/George Bernhard rode the fourth boat.

Competition was close in the Laser fleet with Tim Desmond scoring 30 high points across six races for first place. Alexis Michas followed with 27 points for the day, and Hugh O’Brien was third with 23.

Desmond won the Laser fall series of ten racing days with new SHYC member Hugh O’Brien placing second. Alexis Michas was third for the fall having placed first in the spring Laser races. The Club provided an elegant silver tureen brimming with a refined potato soup for the lively “afters” at the Clubhouse. RC members supplied auxiliary snacks.

Next to Last Fall Frostbite(?) Contest on 11/16/13 Sailed in 8 mph Wind at 56F

Saturday afternoon’s race committee, short on hands but long on talent, ran five good races for Lasers and four for the Ideal fleet. With a couple of Ideals incapacitated, the four boats performing were each packed with three sailors. Eric Irwin/M.B. Marshall/Brooke Mastrorio won the day taking two firsts and two seconds.

Ted Liston/Allegra Griffiths/Chris Errichetti came in second even though they missed the first of four races whilst mounting a repaired jib on boat #3. The K. Bowdler/G. Bernhard/ E.Dear combo secured a definite third when their competition ran through the closed starting line in the third race and took a DSQ. However, new members Mike and Dan Wu Linhares, aided this afternoon by Cindy Oksanen, can be expected to grab honors in forthcoming SHYC races.
Tim Desmond’s three firsts out of five Laser races earned him the day and a glass at “afters” at the Clubhouse where second place Alexis Michas picked up his first place plaque for leading the spring frostbite series. Hugh O’Brien and Dave Mason gained equal points with the tie breaker going to O’Brien for third.

The seasoned trio of PRO Bob Scala and Clare Sheridan aboard Galatea with Chris Andrews driving Acis handily managed the races as well as ferrying the twelve Ideal jockeys to their boats and back.

Unusual Pattern to Laser Scores 11/9. Redress for Premature Start Time

Stonington Harbor conditions appeared challenging the morning of November 9th. Maybe that’s why only five Lasers and four Ideals turned out for races. But by early Saturday afternoon, despite occasional gusts of 15-18 mph, winds were quite manageable.  Chris Errichetti and Betsy Bowman assisted PRO Jack Gorby aboard Galatea II, and Sam Spilo and Kathy Sinnett managed Acis.

Eric Irwin with crew Mark Reinhart and Brooke Mastrorio took first place in the only Ideal 18 to fly the chute this day. The Ted Liston/Mike Linhares/Nick Moukawsher team placed second followed by Chris Sinnett/Allegra Griffiths/Kevin Bowdler in third place. Ed Dear/Bob Scala ran fourth each time.

There was an unusual pattern to the Laser fleet’s scores. The top two boats each earned 17 high points. A tie breaker gave Jim Buffum first place over Hugh O’Brien. The next three each earned 7 high points in the afternoon’s races.

However, upon her complaint during “afters,” the RC awarded Anne Haag a one point bonus as redress because the start for the first race was about 10 minutes ahead of schedule. At the horn, she was still on her way from shore missing the initial go around and associated potential points. Now with 8 points, Haag came in third in Lasers for the day. Doug Hope and Jim Fayal followed.

60 Degrees and Gentle Wind Greet SHYC Halloween Frostbiters November 2, 2013

PRO Tam Gorski set her windward-leeward course for five Ideal 18s and seven Lasers on the west side of Stonington Harbor Saturday afternoon at just the right length for the 7 mph south wind. Each of the five Ideal races took about 20-25 minutes. Lasers sailed faster and were able to finish six races in the afternoon.
Hugh O’Brien led the Laser fleet with 35 high points, followed by Tim Desmond in costume with 28 and Jim Buffum with 26. Tucker Bragdon, assisted by Robert Park and Nick Moukawsher won first among the Ideals in a tie breaker with the second place team of Eric Irwin, Brenda Mitchell and Mary Beth Marshall. Bob Scala and Ed Dear made third.

The Park family ably raced in Halloween garb and dispensed cookies and plastic fangs to an animated “afters” crowd at the Clubhouse where Tam Gorski announced results. Also serving on the RC were George Brengle and Sam Spilo with Betsy Bowman aboard Acis. Three more Saturday afternoon races remain scheduled.

Perfect Conditions for Fourteen Boats at SHYC Races October 20

PRO Spike Lobdell offered ten Lasers and four Ideal 18s seven and six races respectively Sunday afternoon in Stonington Harbor. The weekly fall races, usually held on Saturdays, were moved to Sunday so as not to interfere with Mystic Seaport’s annual Dyer Derby.

Winds around 10 mph with occasionally higher gusts cycled from NNW to WSW during the afternoon over the varied courses set by Lobdell’s race committee. Tim Desmond took first for the day in Lasers, just edging out Paul Van Dyke, who was second. Jim Buffum took third in the single-handed fleet. Desmond currently leads in the eleven event series followed by Alexis Michas.

Chris and Kathy Sinnett, flying their spinnaker, won the day in Ideal 18s barely ahead of Tucker Bragdon and his crew of Brian and Nathalie Griffith, who made second without their chute. Eric Irwin with Dana Oliveira and Michael LaChance, also flying their spinnaker, earned third place.

Denise Easton on the RC scored. Mari Ann Blatch and Brian Barnard ran Acis, the mark boat. SHYC’s fall series continue through November 23rd.  

Below: Tim Desmond leads the Laser pack; Ideal 18s and Laser out on the race course on another beautiful fall day


Gusty Winds Play with Eight Boats in SHYC Saturday Races October 12

Enticing “away” regattas, a snafu that locked up some racers’ equipment at NESS and 15 plus mph winds gusting to 24 kept the fleets small for SHYC’s October 12 races. PRO Warren Shuck on board Galatea with George Bernhard and Betsy Bowman kept Barnaby Blatch and Tucker Bragdon busy aboard mark boat Acis adjusting marks in shifting airs.

Four Ideal 18s carrying a total of ten SHYC racers as well as four single-handed Lasers sailed five contests, some twice around a short course in mid harbor somewhat sheltered from the easterly breezes. The airflow shifted to northeast for the last two races.
In Lasers Paul Van Dyke elegantly drove to first in all races followed by Alexis Michas, who placed second. Jim Fayal earned the third slot.

The Ideal 18 team of Chris Sinnett, Chris Errichetti and eleven year old Nick Moukawsher clearly won all five races for that division. Not too far behind, Tori Gimple, Kathy Sinnett and Joan Soons showed the value of Thursday evening ladies’ sailing training by grabbing second for the day. Ted Liston and Cindy Oksanen out sailed Bob Scala and Ed Dear for third place.
Tucker Bragdon awarded the day’s honors during “afters” at the Clubhouse. Next week races take place Sunday October 20 so as not to interfere with attendance at Mystic Seaport’s traditional Dyer Derby on Saturday the 19th.

Colantuono wins in Lasers at SHYC races October 5, 2013

PRO Jack Gorby and a prime RC team gave twelve Lasers and four Ideal 18s six fast paced races Saturday afternoon, October 5th with rolling starts between classes. The south wind was very light to start at 1:30 PM, but built to around 8 mph later on.

Benefitting from easy airs, thirteen year old Parker Colantuono progressed from his second last week and beat the other 11 Lasers for first place for the day. Veteran Rick Dugan took second in his first appearance of the season, and Alexis Michas scored third for the day despite missing the first race. In all, twelve Lasers competed on the short, mid harbor windward-leeward course.

At the noon crew shape up at SHYC’s front desk, several Ideal 18 sailors, perceiving still conditions in the harbor, opted to join an offered cruise aboard an auxiliary rather than race. The four teams drawn to competition found adequate breeze on a warm, sunny afternoon.

Tucker Bragdon/Allegra Griffiths won a clear first across six Ideal 18 races with a low point score of 8 followed by the Eric Irwin/Brenda Mitchell/Mary Beth Marshall combo with 13. In third place Bob Scala/Ed Dear scored 19 low points, just barely edging out Kevin Bowdler/Ted Liston who accumulated 20 low points.

RC co-chair Tam Gorski aboard Galatea scored. Mari Ann Blatch and Brian Barnard handled Acis. Lively “afters” followed at the Club House.

Junior Sailor Wins Second in Lasers at SHYC’s Saturday Afternoon Series

Light SSW winds, but otherwise a beautiful warm day in Stonington Harbor Saturday September 28th. when eleven Lasers finished five races. Thirteen year old Laser skipper Parker Colantuono of Portsmouth, R.I. made second for the day in his class, not far behind first place Tim Desmond and ahead of third position Hugh O’Brien. His mother, Theresa, made fifth.

Five Ideal 18s completed four races. The Eric Irwin/Brenda Mitchell/Mary Beth Marshall team took first place from Ed Dear & George Bernhard, second, in a tie breaker. Kathy Sinnett and Brian Griffiths made third followed by Kevin and Alex Bowdler in fourth. Bob Scala and Allegra Griffiths were in fifth place.

Usual participants Tucker Bragdon and Chris Sinnett were absent, attending a thirty boat Ideal 18 regatta at Indian Harbor Y.C. in Greenwich, CT.

PRO Warren Shuck ran the day’s races from Galatea II aided by Deb Dodds, who scored. Chris Errichetti and Denise Easton piloted Acis.

Paul O’Neill J/24 “Ironman” Champion for 2013. Tucker Bragdon wins Ideal 18 Title.          

Paul O’Neill won SHYC’s 2013 “Ironman” single-handed J/24 race on Sunday, September 22. Postponed from the Labor Day weekend because of fog, the J/24 “Ironman” is the Club’s most demanding small boat contest.

PRO Jack Gorby set a relatively short triangular course by the harbor entrance in calm waters and an initially light SW breeze. With an 11 AM start, Gorby directed the four competitors to race around   the buoys twice and then complete a final windward to finish leg.

 O’Neill propelled “Cabochon” across the line first, followed by last year’s winner Barnaby Blatch aboard “Blue Max.” Spike Lobdell, also a former victor, driving “Bajo” made third, and Solvej Freitas was fourth aboard “Fast Forward.”

Since the first official race had lasted only thirty five minutes, competitors agreed to a second recreational round in strengthening winds that had shifted NW. This time the order of finish was Blatch-O’Neill-Lobdell-Freitas.

At approximately noon five Ideal 18s approached the course prepared to anoint that class’s single-handed champion. The RC modified the existing course to a basic windward- leeward path and offered two races to determine the titleholder.

Tucker Bragdon finished first in both the day’s races. Chris Sinnett, who had donned scuba gear the day before to scrub all the competing boats’ bottoms, made second both times. Tied on points with Mike Wiseman, Ted Liston scored third by finishing ahead in the last race with Wiseman fourth.  Chris Errichetti was fifth.

Another Bright Afternoon on the Water Saturday, September 21.

SHYC’s second afternoon “frostbite” regatta of the season drew four Ideal 18s and nine Lasers to the line. Guest PRO Tim Hotchkiss gave the Lasers seven races over a SSE windward-downwind finish course. Frances Ashley kept score, and Sam Spilo and Betsy Bowman managed marks from “Acis.”

Despite a questioned last place in the fifth race, Tim Desmond, first with 46 high points, just edged out second place Paul Van Dyke, who accumulated 45. Matt Jadamec was a close third with 43 high points. Theresa Colantuono, hailing from Newport in fifth place, joined the event so as to give one on one lessons to her son Parker, 13, who scored a seventh for the day.

Ideal 18s got four races, some twice around. Kathy Sinnett and Bob Scala, taking turns at the stick, prevailed for the afternoon without flying their spinnaker. Hoisting chutes were second place Ed Dear/George Bernhard and third place Tucker Bragdon/Alex Bowdler. Ted Liston, sailing solo as prep for the following day’s single-handed regatta, made fourth.

Due to SHYC’s closure for a private event, the Bragdons hosted “afters” which will return to the clubhouse for September 28th.

Twelve Boats Inaugurate Stonington Harbor Fall Racing Season

Five Ideal 18s and seven Lasers joined the four race competition September 14 for the first of SHYC’s eleven scheduled Saturday afternoon contests through November 23. PRO Warren Shuck’s race committee adjusted the course several times for shifting west to southwest winds around 8-10 knots in the first race dropping to half that in the last event.

Tucker Bragdon and Alex Bowdler handily took the day in Ideals, winning all four races with impeccable spinnaker handling. Ted Liston and George Bernhard followed in second place with Bob Scala and Ed Dear taking third.

Patrick Murphy won the Laser division with a fourth, first and two seconds accumulating 23 high points. Tim Desmond was a close second with 21 points, and Moise Solomon third with 18.

Later, during “results” at the SHYC bar, America’s Cup racing on TV complemented RC Chair Tam Gorski’s announcement of the day’s scores.

“Tynaje” Wins Close “Big Jack” Finish on Saturday

Using the “pursuit race” handicap system wherein boats are assigned different start times depending on their PHRF ratings, Martin Lyon’s RC sent six boats on a 15.5 mile course to Block Island on Saturday, September 7. This was SHYC’s third annual “Big Jack” race named in honor of Jack Guyol, the Club’s first race committee chairman.

Southwest winds were steady at whitecap thresholds propelling the fleet on a long reach to red bell R4 off the southwest tip of the island. Rounding that mark, racers aimed for R2 where the contest finished at the entrance to the Great Salt Pond.

Peter Ross in “Tynaje,” a 38’ Ohlson, aided by Barnaby and Mari Ann Blatch barely nosed out Rod Johnstone and Bill Hargreaves aboard the 23’ foot J/70 “Ragtime.”

Just a few seconds behind them, Rob Burt skippering “Callisto,” a 52’ Baltic, edged Ben Blake single-handing his 53’ J-160 “Atlantic.” All four leading boats finished within a less than a minute of each other.

About five minutes later Ed Dear, Dennis Morse and  Mark Rolsma arrived at the finish aboard the J/24 “Blue Max” followed by Mike Wiseman piloting his  Alden 54 “Legacy V,” with Tim Dunne, Chris Errichetti and Bob Scala.

Results were held on the porch of the Narragansett Inn where Park family juniors presented winners with Revere bowl trophies donated by Jack Guyol. Dinner followed at the Inn.

Labor Day Weekend: PHRF and J/24 “Long Race” series conclude. Fog smothers Labor Day’s “Ironman” race

Rodney Johnstone in his J/70 “Ragtime” smoked the two J/24 competitors in SHYC’s final Friday evening PHRF race of the season on August 30. Solvej Freitas took second in “Fast Forward” and Paul O’Neill third in “Cabochon.”

On September 1, the last of the season’s three J/24 “long races” put “Fast Forward” skippered by Solvej Freitas assisted by Spike Lobdell and Skye and Greta Kussmann of Stonington first in that series. Despite missing the third event, Paul O’Neill took second for the season in “Cabochon.” “Blue Max,” with different helmsmen and crews each time scored third.

Five J/24 hopefuls along with seven Ideal 18 skippers waited in vain for the fog to clear on Monday morning September 2 for SHYC’s annual “Ironman” single-handed regatta.
Just before 11AM, after an hour’s postponement, the Race Committee called the race which is now reset for Sunday September 22.

SHYC’s fall “frostbite” series, attended mostly by Lasers and Ideal 18s, begins Saturday, September 14.

August 23-25: Frustration on SHYC’s Weekend Race Course

Boats had not yet reached the first mark on a short course for the Friday evening PHRF race August 23, when the RC abandoned. Three J/24s and John Stoddard’s J/105 had struggled against the ebb for more than an hour with no assist from the zephyrs.

Sunday August 25th was a perfect day for J/24 racing with a steady SW breeze and clear sky, but just three boats progressed to the start area with “Cabochon” carrying only two aboard intending to practice starts but not race. Approaching the line, “Blue Max’s” main halyard parted from the sail, precluding competition that day. Two crew members transferred to “Cabochon” giving that boat a full complement. “Fast Forward” won the two boat contest.

August 9-11 Weekend Racing

Adverse weather cancelled Friday evening’s PHRF race, but a bright Saturday hosted a successful 12th annual Red Lobdell Memorial race. Twenty three boats in six classes kept the race committee headed by Martin Lyons busy from about 11AM to 3PM. For the first time six Highlanders from the Greenhaven fleet and six SHYC Ideal 18s participated in addition to three multihulls, three J/24s, two spinnaker class boats and four cruising class competitors.

Rob Burt’s “Calisto” crossed the cruising class line first in 2:45 hours but yielded honors on handicap to Spike Lobdell’s “Legacy.” Laura Grondin’s “Black Ice” took the spinnaker class. Solvej Freitas’s “Fast Forward” gained first among the J/24s, and Dennis and Mlada Neumann won the multihull class in both actual and handicap time. Jeff Curtin’s Highlander “Al” beat the other five boats in the Highlander class, and Tucker Bragdon with Danshi Antinoph and Erica Liston gained top honors in the Ideal 18 fleet.

Four J/24s sallied forth on Sunday for four races. Solvej Freitas’s “Fast Forward” and Walter Johnsen Jr.’s “Crush” traded firsts. While both boats accumulated a similar point score, “Crush” broke the tie by having the last first place. “Cabochon” scored third in all four races and “Blue Max” consistently crossed in fourth and last place.

Three Shields class boats arrived from Masons Island YC for separate starts provided by SHYC’s RC. Jim Gibbs in “Rip” won over Chris Wick in “Rebel”, second, and Al Burnett’s “Sophie” third.

July 26-28: Handicap favors J/24s on Friday evening. Race Committee quits on Sunday.

Rob Burt’s Baltic 52’ “Calisto” screamed down the last leg of PRO Jack Guyol’s 4.5 mile PHRF triangular course to finish in 34:45 actual minutes on Friday July 12. She was followed by Rodney Johnstone’s J70 “Ragtime” in 36:11, but those two fast boats had to give time to the three following J/24s also in the race. In 33:11 minutes corrected time (37:48 actual), Chris Sinnett, driving “Blue Max” took first for the evening despite side-swiping the windward mark and taking a penalty circle. Solvej Freitas’ “Fast Forward” achieved a second. Paul O’Neill’s “Cabochon” was third among the J/24s and fourth overall in corrected time.

Sunday July 14 was to be the season’s first of three “Long Races” for SHYC’s J/24 fleet. However, a piqued RC, frustrated by committee boat “Galatea II’s” balky engine which refused to start, announced it was abandoning the event and left.

The surprised fleet quickly rallied and established a course from Stonington Harbor to red 20 off Ram Island to red 12 just east of Latimer Light back to the red/green buoy off Stonington Point and into the Harbor. A self-start sparked the action. Solvej Freitas’ “Fast Forward” led followed by Paul O’Neill’s “Cabochon” and Walter Johnsen Jr’s “Crush,” which was crewed by six teenagers. Paul Kelleher drove “Blue Max” to fourth place.  Ann Haag’s “Bajo” with just two on board was fifth. The course took about two hours to complete.

July 12-14: “Cabochon” wins SHYC’s weekend races

The threatened storm having passed to the south, PRO Tamara Gorski ran a PHRF race Friday evening July 26 attended by Rodney Johnstone’s J/70, “Ragtime,” and three J/24s. Johnstone completed the mostly reaching course in 35:03 minutes. Next came Paul O’Neill’s “Cabochon” in 36:35 minutes, but on corrected time the J/24 beat the J/70 by 33 seconds and took first for the day. Placing third was Martin Kreckel of Westerly at the helm of “Blue Max.”

“Cabochon” took first again in the J/24 races on Sunday July 28. Paul O’Neill and crew sailed to two firsts and two seconds in the flour race event as did “Fast Forward” skippered by Solvej Freitas with Spike Lobdell and Matt Paige crewing. Breaking the tie was the fact that “Cabochon” won the last race. “Crush” piloted by Walter Johnsen, Jr took third.

July 4th Weekend Racing

SHYC’s weekend race activity embraced about fifty five contestants and supporting RC members. On Friday evening George Brengle’s race committee set a course from inside the harbor twice around gong “3”.  Chris Sinnett drove the J24 “Blue Max” to first on corrected time though Dennis and Mlada Neumann’s trimaran “Milagro” skittered ahead of the four participating monohulls.

On Sunday Sandy Bragdon’s race committee handled three classes. Five J24s completed four races. Aboard “Crush” Walter Johnsen Jr’s young crew of Abby and Fritz Finkenauer and Ben Wilkinson took the day in the J24s. Solvej Freitas’s “Fast Forward” gained second, and Paul O’Neill’s “Cabochon” third.

Additionally four Shields from neighboring Masons Island YC appeared to sail the same course with separate starts. Chris Wick’s boat “Rebel” took first.

Five of SHYC’s Ideal18s ventured out to the Sunday line for the first time for one race which Tucker Bragdon won with Logan Jaeger and Alex Bowdler crew. Helen Garten skippered to a second with Chris and Kathy Sinnett aboard. Chris Errichetti, skippering for the first time, took third with Mike Wiseman and Tim Dunne assisting.