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Benefits of Membership

SHYC Water Based Activities

The club has six Ideal 18 keel boats and five Optis for use by club members for recreational, instructional, and competitive programs.  The Ideal 18s are confidence-inspiring, easy and fun to sail for adults, and our Optis provide an excellent way to introduce kids to the fun of sailing. The availability of both of these boats to all club members vastly reduces the expense, time commitment, and level of dedication required for a member to get out on the water.

Cruising activities at SHYC are organized around the principal that cruising aboard one's boat in the company of other members promotes safety, skills exchange, and friendship.

Ladies Sailing is open to all Club women and seeks to improve seamanship and on-the-water confidence through instruction, recreational sailing, and friendly competition.  In addition, the social component of Ladies Sailing fosters friendships through social events and activities.

SHYC's members find innumerable outlets for their on-the-water competitive zeal.  No matter the member's ability level, size or type of boat; indeed, whether the member owns a boat or not, there is a form of racing that is sure to appeal.  The focus is on fun afloat and an atmosphere of friendly competition, with race management services provided by fellow members on the club's premier Race Committee.


SHYC Land Based Activities

The Club is as much dedicated to a rich social life for its members as it is to excellence in boating.  Energetic and engaged members organize and participate in all kinds of events and activities off the water, all tending to deepen friendships and bring individuals and families into contact with other members who share their love of boating and the sea.

SHYC delivers bar, restaurant and private event services to members and their guests.  The tone of the surroundings, menu offerings, and service levels can shift gears from club casual to quite elegant depending on member needs.  The focus is always on making SHYC a "home away from home" where members are proud to entertain their guests and feel truly at ease with their families.

SHYC Kids and Family Activities

SHYC’s Junior Committee encourages a diversity of on water and year round clubhouse events for kids of all ages, their parents and grandparents!  Our goal is to mentor our youngest members and encourage social and sailing activities which build bonds for a lifetime of friendships.