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SHYC • NESS Youth Sailing Alliance


The Stonington Harbor Yacht Club Youth Sailing Committee is especially excited to welcome the 2018 sailing season. This summer SHYC will offer on-site private and adult instruction, jr ECSA regatta and Wednesday Evening Dinghy Club race coaching and on-water support as needed or requested for families and members of all ages. Additionally we are excited to announce the expansion of our Youth Sailing Program by teaming up with our neighbors at NESS (New England Science and Sailing) to form the SHYC • NESS Youth Sailing Alliance.  The SHYC • NESS synergy will take advantage of the best instructional staff available and benefit from the strengths of each of our facilities and staff. 

Below please find details concerning both the SHYC specific programs and the SHYC • NESS Youth Sailing Alliance.


SHYC offers private instruction, regatta assistance & coaching for the Stonington Dinghy Club Wednesday Night Races as well as providing additional small group instruction and support as needed.

SHYC Private Instruction

For those who want to jump start their season, shake off the tiller jitters or speed up the learning curve, private instruction may be a perfect option.  Instruction available aboard Optimists, C420 (for kids)  and  Ideal 18s ( for adults).

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SHYC Wednesday Evening Dinghy Club Race Clinic

Stonington Harbor’s Wednesday Evening Dinghy Club races are a community treasure AND the perfect environment for race enthusiasts and emergent & beginner racers to get some extra race time in the comfort of their own harbor.Clinics are available in four (4) evening blocks to students enrolled in SHYC programs and SHYC • NESS Alliance programs.

Click HERE to email Aidan Fowler about Wednesday Night Racing Clinic Coaching
Click HERE to download the forms for registration for our Wednesday Evening Race Clinics

SHYC Adult Sailing Instruction

This class is for adult novice sailors and reluctant skippers of varying abilities.  Students will be paired with an instructor or qualified skipper volunteer.   The primary goals for this class are to build confidence and independence and to foster an enjoyment for sailing as a recreational sport.


Monday through Friday
June 25th – 29th, 9:30am – 12:30pm                 July 30th – Aug 3rd, 1:00pm – 4:00pm
July 2nd – 6th, 1:00pm – 4:00pm                        August 13th – 17th, 9:30am – 12:30pm
July 23rd – 27th, 1:00pm – 4:00pm

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Within the combined SHYC • NESS format our member children will take advantage of two amazing waterfront entities. 

At the beginning of each day SHYC staff will meet our young sailors and parents at the SHYC clubhouse, review relevant daily details and discuss the week’s on-water and social schedule and related logistics and then accompany the kids to NESS for instruction.  At the end of each sailors’ day, staff will retrieve the sailors and return them to SHYC to discuss daily strides and / or setbacks and await parents’ pickup. 

Additionally we SHYC will offer private or small group instruction for member sailors needing extra assistance or coaching in the form of private lessons or assistance at regattas and coaching the Stonington Dinghy Club Wednesday Night Races.


• Beginner - Intermediate Optimist Instruction

• Optimist Racing

• 420 Developmental & Racing Team

• Mixed Craft: Sailing Adventures & Just For Teens

• Wednesday Racing Night Clinics

Click HERE to view NESS’ Complete roster of classes.

Please contact Jordan at JSlocum@nessf.org  / 860-535-9362 with specific curriculum inquiries


Registration is considered complete when each of the below items has been received.  No child will be assigned to a class until a complete registration package and payment is received.

A registration package consists of:

1 .)  Completed SHYC • NESS Alliance Registration Form
Please Click HERE

2.) Completed NESS Registration, Participation & Medical Form
Please contact Jordan via Phone or email:  JSlocum@nessf.org   860-535-9362. 

NESS Participation Agreement and Medical Form

(NOTE: Registration for NESS classes in the SHYC • NESS Alliance Program must be initiated via contacting Jordan.)

3.)  Completed SHYC Child Medical Information / Consent Form
Please Click HERE

4.)  Adult Instruction Participation Agreement Form
To Sign Up for Lesson, Click HERE
Please Click HERE

5.)Volunteer Form
We can’t do it without help! This year more than ever we will need to organize our Youth Sailing Committee to coordinate youth and family events that keep our member children feeling that special SHYC sense of family.
Please Print Volunteer Form HERE

6.) Payment (in the form of a check)
Please be sure child's (or adult) name and session date are in the memo portion of the check
Printed Materials (#s 1, 3, 4, 5, 6) and payment should be mailed to the below address.

Stonington Harbor Yacht Club
Attention Youth Sailing
PO Box 87
Stonington, CT  06378

Our greatest efforts will be made to accommodate a consistency with this information.

The SHYC • NESS Youth Sailing Alliance reflects and supports the evolving “One Harbor” initiative between SHYC, NESS and the Wadawanuck Club. This on-water collaboration of assets, expertise and activities will prove beneficial for all.