NOR/SIs and Results

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must sign one waiver per year.

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Sailflow at Stonington Harbor Breakwater

Regattas & Race Series:

Race Date Entry Form NOR / SI Results
Spring Frostbite Series - Lasers Saturdays 4/15/2017 to 6/17/2017 Entry Form NOR / SI Laser Results

Ideal Results

VX Evo Results


2017 Fridays June 30 to August 25th 

Entry Form NOR/SI Results
Sunday Ideal 18 races Results
B.I.G. Jack Pursuit Race Cancelled for 2017- Please Join us in 2018! Entry Form NOR/SI Results
Red Lobdell Regatta (ECSA) Saturday Sept 23, 2017*** Race Fee Waived for Fall Frostbite Participants!!!! Entry Form NOR / SI Results
Fall Frostbite Series 

2017 Saturdays Sept 16 to Nov 18 

Entry Form---
NOR / SI Laser Results
Viper Results
 Ideal 18 Results