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Application Process

So, what is required to become a member? In considering a candidate for SHYC membership, the Club looks for candidates who demonstrate an interest in boating and/or are willing to be active in Club affairs. Prospective members complete an application which includes basic contact information, a short section on who you are and what you do, and provides an opportunity for you to tell us what Club activities you would like to be involved in.

The Club’s Membership Manager and Membership Committee Co-Chairs are available to facilitate the process by introducing prospective members to the Membership Committee and the Board of Governors. Typically, this occurs at an open house, where you will meet members in a social setting.

The Club requires several signatures from Membership Committee and Board members on your application before it goes to the full Membership Committee and then the Board for consideration. Once both panels have signed off, your name is posted to the general membership for 10 days. The process is really very simple and occurs fairly quickly. If a candidate is unable to attend an open house, Membership Committee and Board members will arrange a convenient meeting.

We are a welcoming group that embraces new members. If you’re interested in joining, our Membership team will expeditiously guide you through the process.  

                                                          Ursula Kmetz
                                                         General Manager

We look forward to welcoming you as a member of the Stonington Harbor Yacht Club.

Yours truly,
Ann Baldelli and Betsy Bowman
Membership Committee Co Chairs