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Application Process

So what is required to become a member?  In considering a candidate for SHYC membership, you should demonstrate an interest in boating and/or be willing to be active in Club affairs.  SHYC requires you to complete the application form which creates a profile of your background and interests as well as provides contact information, and likely Club activities in which you may wish to be involved. This is also created so that members can invite you to your areas of interest upon election.

In addition to the completed application, you need to have a letter of sponsorship, a seconding letter, and two supporting letters written by current Club members.
Alternatively, a candidate may collect four signatures from current members at an Open House or Meet and Greet. We will help you in facilitating the process. 

The Membership Committee will then review your completed application and you will need to meet at least two members of the Membership Committee and two members of the Board of Governors.  When all is in order, your name is posted to the general membership for 10 days.  Presuming smooth passage through these preliminaries, the Board (which meets every 4-6 weeks) will vote on your application and membership committee will contact you.

Should you be new to the area or simply aren’t sure if you know members or not, we are happy to take care of introductions to individuals who will help move the process along.  We will endeavor to keep you apprised of progress, but should you have questions or concerns about any matter touching on your application, please contact our Waterfront and Membership Manager and she will make every effort to be of help.
                                                          Katie Canning Waterfront and Membership Manager
                                                          860-535-0112 (ext 7)

We look forward to welcoming you as a member of the Stonington Harbor Yacht Club.

Yours truly,
Bob Murray
Membership Committee Chair