Member Boating Event


Saturday July 17, 2021


This event is marked as an ALL DAY event.


Due to logistical issues with planning we have not had any of our Local Heroes from the community sign up to participate in the family day cruise we had scheduled for them on Saturday July 17th. Therefore,  we have opened up the cruise to SHYC members. Six Club members who are owners of large sail and power cruising boats have agreed to take out other current Club members, preferably those who do not own cruising type boats but all are welcome, for short cruises to give them a taste of the cruising life. Hopefully some of them will make the jump to a cruising boat of their own and join our SHYC cruising community.

Some boats are limited to 2 guests and others can take up to 4. Some have minimum age restrictions and others do not. Priority of assignment will be based on the date stamp of the sign up so watch for the message and sign up early. Based on the lifting capacity of the boats that will participate, we will be able to host approximately 20 guests in total. Click HERE to sign up, click HERE to see who is attending

We will meet at the Club at 10:00 AM on Saturday, July 17 for a safe boating briefing and boat assignments. All guests will be required to complete the standard Club activity liability waiver form. Current State of CT safe boating regulations require that all boat occupants be equipped with a suitable PFD (Personal Flotation Device/ Life Preserver). Boat owners will provide suitable PFDs for adults, but all child guests must bring their own PFDs since they are not carried by most boats. The duration and itinerary for each cruise will be decided on by the boat Captain and guests, but you should count on being on the water for several hours. There will be no food or drink served while underway, so guests should prepare accordingly by bringing water (no alcoholic beverages allowed) and a snack or lunch.